Datum Vortrag Redner/in Institut
04.04.2019 Impact of high-order tidal terms on binary neutron-star waveforms Dr. Francisco Jimenez Forteza Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Univeristá la Sapienzaa
11.04.2019 Sirens to tune the universe Dr. Archisman Ghosh Nikhef
18.04.2019 Where the wild things are: The host environments of extreme cosmic explosions Dr. Daniel Perley Astrophysics Reseacrh Institute, Liverpool John Moores University
25.04.2019 Multi-messenger astronomy: an X-ray perspective Dr. Philip Evans University of Leicester
02.05.2019 Imaging the Supermassive Black Hole in M87 with the Event Horizon Telescope J. Anton Zensus Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn
09.05.2019 IceCube's view on core collapse supernovae Prof. Lutz Köpke Institut für Physik, Universität Mainz
16.05.2019 Strong Cosmic Censorship in charged black-hole spacetimes Kyriakos Destounis CENTRA, Portugal
23.05.2019 SKA Cosmology in 2019 Dr. Ian Harrison University of Manchester
06.06.2019 The search for UV and gamma-ray transient counterparts to gravitational wave events Aaron Tohuvavohu Pennsylvania State University
13.06.2019 Echoes from Quantum Black Holes Qingwen Wang Perimeter Institute
20.06.2019 Cutting the keys to the universe: modelling gravitational waves from black hole mergers Prof. Mark Hannam Cardiff University